1.5 Rep Challenge Workout

Ready for an upper body workout?  I mean a SERIOUS upper body workout?  Here you go: 1.  60% 1rm bench 4 x 12 1.5 reps 2a.  Supine rows 4 x 8 1.5 reps 2b.  Push ups 4 x8 1.5 reps 3a.  Tri Extensions 4 x 10 1.5 reps 3b.  DB Curls 4 x 10 1.5…

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Recipe To Make Top Level Athletes

Today’s article is a guest post from a friend and walking workout Encyclopedia Mike Robertson.  Mike and I spoke at the NSCA National Conference back in 2011ish and I’ve had a great respect for him since.  => Mike and NFL Pro Strength Coach of the Year Joe Kenn’s Elite Athletic Development Seminar DVDS Can You…

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7 Fast Ways To Feel and Move Better

Do your lifts occasionally drag? Do you get the mid afternoon sleepies?  Check out the 8 ways to feel and move better! 1.  Avoid the (food) hangover.  I hate to be Mr. Obvious here, but if you want to feel better then eat better.  Start eating some veggies and don’t junk eat at night and…

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Jeff Rope Climbs

Build Back Muscle Challenge

We’ve done a lot of cool back exercises that really build up your muscles…but not everyone has the ropes and other gear shown. So today I’m going to show you a back muscle exercise challenge that can be done by anyone! Just choose the dumbbell that is appropriate for you and enjoy the challenge. BIG…

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The Synergy Gameplan

So where are we going the next few months? Well before I go on, let’s take at the word “we.”   I have a game plan to lay out right now BUT I’m serious with “we.” I could just get in my car every morning and drive around hoping to hit somewhere cool…OR you could…

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College Football Leg Workout

Behind the scenes video time!  Here’s two of the college guys going through their dynamic effort lower body workout including: Reactive hurdle jumps to forward jump Rep and a half (speed skater) split squats Double posterior chain with single leg RDLS and partner glute ham raises <=for the “minimal equipment” fans! Roll outs with a…

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core ab exercise

Challenge Monday! Core Plank Strength

Monday will be our new “challenge day!”  You can expect to get a video EVERY MONDAY so you have a full week to try out the challenge and post your results. Today is a stability challenge using core strength (spoiler alert) to go with the new Steel Core online DVD coming out next month. Basic…

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