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New Push Up Challenge Video!

With some small fractures still healing in my leg, I’ve been limited to how much weight I can load up.  Fortunately that’s led to some effective and fun new challenges.  Here’s a new one for you! Push Squat Challenge 1.  Do 1 squat 2.  Walk your hands forward and do 1 push up. Repeat up…

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The Four Strength Training Principles

First, the golden rule, or better the golden law of training is adapting to physical demands.

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How To Make Mobility, Agility, and Jumping Hurdles

Athletes need to recover from a jump and accelerate quickly, and hurdle jumps are perfect for this training. Unfortunately hurdles are fairly pricey and usually limited in how far they can adjust…

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Mandatory Core Training Exercises

Nearly every core and ab exercise in the book involves shortening or “crunching” of the abdominals.

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Goblet Split Squats – Exercise of the Week

As part of my 62 leg exercise variation article and video, I included goblet split squats.

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arm entire anterior muscles sized

What’s Your Type? Muscle Fibers Explained

In the most simplistic sense, we can look at the differences between the capabilities of two individuals determined by muscle fiber types and concentrations.

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How should young athletes lift?

The safety and proper implementation of strength training for young athletes can be a concern for both parents and coaches

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