Think Pushups Are Boring? Ever Been to Prison?

Enter the Jail Yard pushups.  I posted up this variation when the Bull Strength Manual came out, but it was only pictures. 

I received a handful of emails asking for a video so here it is, the Jail Yard Pushups.

Before you watch it, I should say that apparently my athlete’s can’t count…

Jail Yard Pushups


  • Increased time under tension
  • Great team building exercise
  • Improved core and torso stability
  • Easy way to get something extra out of the guys as a finisher.

I also know this video isn’t perfect, but that is part of the reason I posted it.  I’ll point out a few of the boys had trouble keeping their butts down during their teammates push ups and could use a little deeper pushups with more elbow tuck.  HOWEVER, I find it better than bowing of the lower back (safer), so I will allow it FOR NOW as they progress in their strength. 

It definately beats leaving them out of the movement.

Check out more great finishers in the Bull Strength Manual.

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

PS.  Congrats to Jake for getting his 275 lb bench in before graduating 8th grade.  Damn!  Its been only one short year since the 165 lb days! (But 300 lbs is better so quit being a sissy).



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  • John Cortese

    Reply Reply July 22, 2009

    8th grader benching 275?! That is nuts… Nice work. That push up finisher is always fun! I jumped in it once with 8 basketball players and my abs/shoulders were FRIED for a few days!

    • Ha, yes he is a freak. Actually I think he put up 285, but I wanted to play it safe. Crazy hard worker.

      Ill add before the “thats too young” crowd jumps in, I also have 8th graders that dont bench yet because they cant do good pushups, its all relative.


  • John Cortese

    Reply Reply July 22, 2009

    Cool.. I’m guessing he is the one that is also box squatting 405 lbs?

    BTW, check out this video of those basketball players I mentioned above performing the jailyard push ups as a finisher!! ==> Fun stuff!

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