This weekend got a little crazy….Part I

Question:  You guys put out a ton of training info, and I love it.  I’m curious, what do you do with the few minutes of spare time that you have?

Umm…We Train?

Ha, kidding, let me give you a rundown of our weekend this far.   It involved tearing, bending,training, Lunges of Death, BBQ, video games, the UFC, and super meat pizza in that order…

The craziness started on Friday.  After heavy squat and some sled pulls, we decided to cut the workout short to deload.  However, there was a phone book in the gym so my brother decided to rip it.   Next, we found some left over nails from a deck project and starting bending them (never tried bending before, very addictive).

Fortunately, I knew “how to bend” from my buddy Jedd Johnson’s Nail Bending program, but I had just assumed I couldn’t (aka – sissied out). 


After we got off of the nail bending, I finally decided to try out Card Tearing.  (Well try it again, the first time a few months back was pathetic).   Again, I’ll have to thank Jedd for his form advice and supplemental exercises.   I’ll also have to thank him for my two new addictions, and my seriously sore hands, forearms, and fingers!

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

P.S.  This is only part of the story, but I think the Lunges of Death video deserves its own post…

Double P.S.  A little more on Saturday morning…


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  • Bill

    Reply Reply August 9, 2009

    Bending and Tearing is very addictive! Get you some Grade 2 and 5 bolts with some 60D nails bend those!

  • Al in Vancouver

    Reply Reply August 26, 2009

    Hi Joe,

    I will be curious to hear your opinion, in a few months time or even now, as to how bending contributes (or not) to overall athleticism. I am wanting to try that road out myself but am still wondering if it is worth the time and energy for someone who isn’t planning on performing oldtime strongman feats as part of my livelihood.

    Have fun. I think that bending and tearing definitely seem like they would be fun, in that brutal fun sort of way.

    • Al,

      Good question and maybe you will want to ask Jedd since he has more experience with the carryover. I will say this, I have never met a high school or college level athlete with great grip strength, and I also think that’s where many of them are lacking. Grip training immediately increased my pull ups and deadlift (said good bye to straps awhile ago). I have also seen improvements in bench (bar control) and even squat (activating the lats and squeezing the bar).

      Now, is it worth some time in your program? I guess that’s up to you, but I like putting in 5-10 minutes on the end of 2 workouts a week. I dont have time for full sessions either.


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