No leak DIY Sandbag Trick

I love sandbags. I hate leaking sandbags.

Three years later I finally found “the secret..”

I’ve tried a bunch of DIY sandbag instructions:

  • I bought contractor bags, added 5 lbs of sand, taped them like crazy. Took about 4 hours to make 1 bag and 3 bags popped on the first day.
  • I’ve tried wood pellets (a better option than above) but the seem blew out on the bag a few weeks later.

My problem was that I was always looking at what to put in the bag to make not leak…not the actual bag itself. Sand was awful to manage(AND A PAIN TO CLEAN), while wood pellets were ok.


So I found out two things. Apply either of them for easy, low maintance, sand bag fun.

  1. SECRET #1 – Smokers Choice… My father was a smoker. Smoked like a chimney which led to tons of health issues. His brand of choice was Malboros. They have ongoing promotions where you collect “malboro miles” and can get their products. I used a bag from them all the way through high school…and it still works great.I hate giving away this secret, because I do not know how many exist out there, but search ebay for “malboro duffel bag” I had no issue finding them. They cost me about $14 and are the most durable bag I have owned.I currently have been using two of them for over 3 months with no issues.
  2. SECRET #2 – Stuff it… If you still want to use woodpellets that is fine. Here’s what I put in my bag – rope. I use thick rope consistently in my training, and the stuff is heavy. Better than rolling it up and hanging it on the wall, wedge it right into that bag. I currently have one bag that is 60 lbs and one that is nearly 100 (3 inch rope). They NEVER LEAK.

Sure not everyone uses thick ropes, so wood pellets may still be your choice for #2.

Of course I would rather no one smoked than have the super durable duffel bags, however since they do exist we might as well use them for good!

==>QUESTION FOR YOU: I bet if I took some time to think about it – I could turn out 40 sandbag exercises just like I did for the bulgarian bag. Do you want it? If so post up some comments!


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- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

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  • Jessie

    Reply Reply January 25, 2010

    Definitely do a 40 sandbag exercises video. We have sandbags at my gym and I would love to learn some cool stuff for them. Also, maybe a work to work sandbags and kettlebells into a cool GPP/ cardio circuit? I don’t know, just a thought!

  • Very cool. I’ve been stuffing med balls in an old Coors bat duffel bag.

    Hope this isn’t a stupid question but where are you getting your rope??

    Thanks for the innovative stuff!

  • bossk

    Reply Reply January 25, 2010

    I also made myself a sandbag.
    But I used hessian (jute) sandbags which I bought for one Euro which I filled with sand. I put those sandbags in a military surplus duffel bag. For me it works perfect and I can easily adjust the weight by putting more sandbags into the surplus duffel bag.

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