Great Debates – Part V – World's Strongest Man

After a week off, The Great Debate Series to figure out who is the really the world’s strongest man.  I have three choices below, or you may put a write in candidate in the “COMMENTS” section of this post.  I look forward to your thoughts!




My Thoughts – All of them are incredibly strong.  Bill Kazmaier is argubly the biggest name in WSM.  However, I’m going to go with Mark Henry.  I think he could have even been stronger had he not went after the money and went to profession wrestling, although I can’t blame him! Mark had the raw squat record at 948 lbs (may still have it), deadlifted 903 and squated 940+ in HIGH SCHOOL with minimal gear, competed in the Olympics, clean and pressed the Inch DB, and won the Arnold Classic Strongman in 2002.  That’s just part of the list, I don’t think that can be beat.  Great strength!

POST YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION!  You may also write in another candidate.

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    • Bill Long

      Reply Reply February 15, 2009

      I have to agree with you Joe, Mark is the Strongest man in the World. The argument that I expect is that Bill is the strongest ever. Bill is an animal and was very strong. But Mark Henry I believe is/could be the strongest to ever compete if he went down that road. As you said he choose the Pro Wrestling area. Everyone has there wants in life and thats his. Mark I believe could easily score a 3000 total in powerlifting. Also I believe he could win the WSM circuit. Marius is an animal and is the current WSM champ. In my own order of rankings I say Mark, Bill, Marius.

    • Anderson

      Reply Reply February 15, 2009

      WHAT ABOUT LOUIS CYR? PAUL ANDERSON, JON PALL SIGMARSSON!!! Louis Cyr lifted over 500lbs with a single finger and paul backlifted over 6’270lb and better yet squatted over 1000 no belt Olympic style. no offense but I personally don’t think of Mark Henry as a major strength legend.

    • Administrator

      Reply Reply February 15, 2009

      None taken! Thanks for putting in your comments.

      You listed some serious strong guys, but I’m sticking with Henry as the all around strongest (his squats were powerlifting style as well, no gear!). I think Paul Anderson might earn a spot in the discussion though.

    • JR

      Reply Reply February 15, 2009

      Konstantinovs deserves some consideration. I don’t know if he is in the same class as these guys. At 275 he deadlifts 950 and does 55 pull ups. He is a beast for sure.

    • trevor

      Reply Reply February 15, 2009

      Henry is strong but he’s also the heaviest. pound for pound kaz was strongest, but this isn’t a p4p debate. Marius has been beaten at the Arnold. Tough call. I have to go with Kaz, he dominated in a time where there was little in the way of training and nutrition science.

    • juan

      Reply Reply February 18, 2009

      WoW, does anyone take into consideration the changes in time before posting, don’ get me wrong bill is a legend, but to be considered the strongest or even closest to the top…please. watch the video, and see the “challenges” he “dominated” in, and the size of his competition as compared to todays events and competitors. also marius has won more times in harder events, as for mark henry, he has impressive lifts, but what’s the translation to real world strength??? i’m 5’10″ , 220 lbs, don’t train for “max” lifts and can deadlift 440. mark’s like 3X’s my size, it’s a gimme for him to lift as much as he does, i don’t think he would of done anything impressive in wsm.

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