Bull Strength Tire Throwing Conditioning

Casey “No Holds” Bard sent me a few pictures of him dominating an exercise I posted a little while back and included in the Bull Strength Manual.

This exercise is a combo of tire throwing and conditioning.  The weight of the tire does not matter, it is the rate of force development – how fast you can move it, generating a long toss.

Here are the benefits of tire throwing and conditioning:

  • Increased work capacity
  • Posterior chain strength and explosiveness
  • Shoulder strength and power
  • Upper back strength and power
  • Grip and forearm strength

Another benefit is that you can do this with lifters of all ages with success…and for free!

Casey’s pictures




EXPLODE and launch


Sprint and Repeat

This setup and exercise is literally FREE.  All you need is a used car tire and some intensity.  Want to get some more intense and EFFECTIVE workouts, get Bull Strength!

Thanks for the pictures Casey, keep up the great work!

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -


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